Powerful Financial models made simply.

How It Works



Creating financial models in spreadsheets takes a lot of time that you already don't have. We make modeling fast so you can get back to running your business.



We don't store your data so only you and those you choose to have access to your financial models can see your information.



We designed our solution with non-finance founders and entrepreneurs in mind. We take all the weight off your shoulders and make things easy for you.

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Finply makes life easy.

Do you model in spreadsheets?

Dealing with complex financial models in spreadsheets are no fun. Especially when you think you're finished and out of nowhere you find an issue with your calculations. Finply reduces the complexity of financial modeling by focusing on what matters most.

Do you have the time to model?

Time is your most precious resource as an entrepreneur. You have a business to run, so you shouldn't be behind a spreadsheet fixing formula errors. Finply lets you build robust financial models in minutes, not hours or days.

Do you wish of a better way?

Now you don't have to wish for a better way. Finply solves your worst pain points and gives you your time back. You have a company to run, money to raise, and a world to change. Finply lets you do more of what you enjoy.

Join the doers. Build the future.

We provide an easy-to-use platform and community that enables founders and entrepreneurs to quickly build complex financial models, win funding from investors, and get back to running their businesses.


We like to say we help entrepreneurs get out of mundane spreadsheets and put them back in front of investors to grow their businesses.

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