Our Story

When we first started Finply, we set out on a journey to help make a founder's life easier by giving them access to robust financial modeling software. In addition to making financial modeling more accessible, we hope to create a vibrant and rich community of doers. A community of folks like you who are trying to build the future through business. Folks like you who see the world differently and see how it might be if your solution existed in the masses.

A Finply, it's our mission to support you along your journey to change the world. We look forward to seeing what you accomplish.

Join the doers. Build the future.

We provide an easy-to-use platform and community that enables founders and entrepreneurs to quickly build complex financial models, win funding from investors, and get back to running their businesses.


We like to say we help entrepreneurs get out of mundane spreadsheets and put them back in front of investors to grow their businesses.

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