Finply 1.1

We have just released Finply 1.1! Finply 1.1 includes updates and new features making it even easier for you to build robust financial models for your start-up. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Introducing sheets to Finply!

Finply 1.1 utilizes sheets similar to Excel. You no longer need to upload a CSV file as your data can be typed directly into the app. The built-in sheet is preconfigured with similar rows and columns layout to Excel as well as navigation functionality. To move to the next column, simply use the tab key or the left and right arrows. To move to the next row, use the enter/return key or the up and down arrows.

As seen in the picture below, Finply is constructed with predetermined column names to guide you to the relevant aspects of your business. To learn more about the meaning of each column name or the information you should include, please refer to our previous article.

The sheet can easily be configured to fit your business with its built-in functionality to add more rows. To do so, simply select any box in the current bottom row and press the enter/return key.

Forgot to include a market segment between rows 2 and 3? No problem! To add a new row before or after an existing row, right-click any row and select the desired option of adding a row before or after the selected row. Row(s) can also be removed by selecting the row(s) using the control key for MacBook users and the control key and then right-clicking any selected line for Windows users. This will display a pop-up menu containing the delete option. Windows users can also press the delete key after selecting the rows to remove them.

Important things to note with the sheet function

  • If the sheet is missing data in any column, that row will be removed from the calculated assumptions.

  • Removing all rows will render the sheet useless and you’ll have to start the app again or create a new sheet using the show data button.

  • By default, the app starts off with one row of example data. Simply type in your own data to get started building your own models or play around with the demo data to gain a better understanding of Finply.

  • A CSV file can still be uploaded if that method is preferred.

Get started using Finply 1.1 today as building robust financial models for your company has never been easier. As always, we would greatly appreciate any feedback you have regarding the new update or any aspect of Finply. Please use this link to suggest a feature or give us your thoughts to make Finply the best possible platform for you and your company!

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